Quality Transcription Services for Sydney

Whether you are an individual or a member of a corporation, professional body, educational institution or charitable organisation and you are looking for transcription services in the greater Sydney area, look no further than Spark & Cannon.

Spark & Cannon provide high-quality conference, medical, educational, legal and court transcripts, along with digital audio recording options. You can make all arrangements for our services online, saving you the need to make appointments in person for your transcription requirements.

Our highly trained team of transcriptionists at Spark & Cannon offer unprecedented accuracy, so you get accurate and high-quality transcript in versatile electronic formats. With our online order process, you can place your order whenever it suits you, from anywhere in Sydney

Transcription Services Suitable to Your Industry

At Spark & Cannon, we offer many transcription services to meet your needs - whether you are in the medical, legal, educational or corporate sectors. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate transcription service in Australia. Our team is always working to improve their skills and are focused on delivering to you the best service possible.

Learn more about our high standard transcription services:

  • Legal & Court Transcripts - From local courts to the Supreme Court of NSW, our staff can provide court transcripts and stenography  for all types of court recordings.
  • Medical - When it comes to transcribing medical audio, trust Spark & Cannon to provide an accurate and confidential service. We have experience with complex medical hearings, dictations, consultations and more.
  • Interviews & InvestigationsWe offer our trusted transcription service for all manner of interview, hearing and investigative purposes. We are comfortable with your multiple-speaker recordings and can be engaged to provide digital recordings for transcribing at a later date.
  • Meetings & Conferences - Our Sydney team is always available to record and transcribe your speeches, conferences or presentations. We can provide you with an accurate transcript of your spoken words, for you to share or archive.
  • Education - With over 50 years of experience, our attention to detail is second to none and makes us the perfect provider for any educational institution and for staff and students of any of Sydney’s prestigious universities.

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Call Spark & Cannon on 1300 502 819, contact us online or submit an order from our online portal. We’re happy to help and will provide a prompt response to all enquiries.

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