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    Spark & Cannon has been providing transcript services across Australia for more than 50 years. As a long-standing, reputable company we are enriched with a tradition of recording and transcription excellence.

  • Spark & Cannon – Timely and Precise Transcript Services

    Spark & Cannon provides accurate professional transcript services for events, meetings, interviews, arbitrations and courts throughout Australia. Our audio transcription services are commonly used in any environment where there is a requirement to convert voice to text.

    • Why Choose Spark & Cannon’s Transcript Services?

      Spark & Cannon is your ideal partner for ongoing or one-off audio transcription services. Our credibility in the online transcription services industry speaks for itself and will assure you that your requirements will be exceeded.

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      The team at Spark & Cannon takes great pride in our reputation in the transcription services industry. Each and every member of our team adheres to our high standards for quality in every transcript services order we complete.

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    How can I order a transcript? You can order transcript services through our online client portal, by downloading order forms from our website or by contacting our Client Services Team on 1300 502 819 or online. Transcribing services can be performed not only for the legal profession, but for a wide

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    • Professional Conference and Meeting Transcriptions

      Spark & Cannon has over 50 years’ experience providing digital recording and transcription services. We currently provide online transcription services to event managers, major corporations, market research companies and the corporate hospitality industry.

    • Practical Education Transcription Services

      Spark & Cannon has over 50 years of experience in digital recording and audio transcription. We currently provide services to universities, international students, and PhD students. Many educational institutions are using transcript services to record academic and research material. This provides greater access to information, especially for students with hearing disabilities.

    • Our Timely Legal Transcription Services

      Spark & Cannon has over 50 years’ experience providing recording and audio transcription services. We currently provide legal transcription services to the Fair Work Commission, Attorney General's Department of NSW, incorporating the Supreme Court of NSW.

    • Your Medical Transcriptions Performed with Discretion and Accuracy

      Spark & Cannon has over 50 years' experience in digital recording and medical transcription services. We currently provide services nationally to Professional Services Review and hospitals and medical clinics. Our reputation for unparalleled online transcription services comes from a commitment to ethics, quality and timeliness.

    • High-Quality Investigation and Interview Transcripts

      Spark & Cannon boasts more than 50 years’ experience providing digital recording and audio transcription services. We currently provide interview transcription services to New South Wales Police, Victorian Police, Western Australian Police, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Institute of Family Studies and various private investigation firms.

  • Quality Transcription Services for Sydney

    Whether you are an individual, corporation or educational institution needing transcription services in Sydney, look no further than Spark & Cannon.

  • Melbourne’s Trusted Transcription Services

    Individuals, companies, doctors, lawyers & lecturers all turn to Spark & Cannon for transcription services in Melbourne. Learn more today.

  • Adelaide’s Accurate Transcription Services

    Find the transcription service suitable to your industry in the Adelaide area. Call Spark & Cannon today to make an order or request an estimate.

  • Our Transcription Services Have Got Perth Clients Covered

    Transcription services no matter what industry from our experienced team of transcriptionists in Perth. Discover what Spark & Cannon can do for you.

  • Providing Brisbane with Accurate Transcription Services

    If you’re looking for transcription services in Brisbane, Spark & Cannon offers comprehensive transcription services suitable for any industry.

  • Specialist Transcription Services for Canberra

    Need education, interview or legal transcription services? At Spark & Cannon our specialist team ensure the highest standard of timeliness & accuracy.

  • Providing Hobart with Quality Transcription Services

    Looking for transcription services in Hobart? Discover how we have earned a reputation for accuracy and timeliness with our complete service.

  • Acclaimed Transcription Services for Darwin

    Get the transcription service you need. Spark & Cannon have experience providing transcriptions in Darwin for every sector. Discover how we can help.

  • Flawless Transcription Services for Newcastle

    For transcription services in Newcastle that put accuracy and turnaround times first, use Spark & Cannon. We provide excellent value and results.

  • The Right Transcription Services for Parramatta

    Parramatta businesses, organisations, educational institutes and doctors trust Spark & Cannon to provide accurate transcription services. Learn more.

  • Spark & Cannon Online Transcription Service - Order Your Transcript

    Whether you need one-off or ongoing transcriptions Spark & Cannon’s online transcription service offers the speed, convenience & accuracy you need.

  • Reliable Court & County Court Transcripts

    Spark & Cannon provide professional & precise court & county court transcripts for Victorian legal proceedings. Learn more about our helpful service.