Our Transcription Services Have Got Perth Clients Covered

With over 50 years of industry experience, Spark & Cannon has established themselves as Perth’s go-to transcription service, offering accurate transcriptions to meet the needs of clients across many industries.

Our team of exceptionally experienced transcriptionists have experience in medical, educational, interview, legal and court transcripts as well as digital recording services and real-time transcription services. We have a convenient online order process and can meet the demands of your complex, spoken word hearings with incredible accuracy.

Whether you have used a transcription service before or are using Spark & Cannon for the first time, we will treat your order with professionalism and diligence. For you, this means highly accurate results that are timely and in user-friendly, electronic formats.

We use tried and tested techniques for transcription and highly-reliable technologies for digital recording. This enables us to offer the solutions you need, wherever you are in Perth.

Unique Services for Your Industry

Whether for the simplest transcript of a single speaker conference or a complex court case running for weeks at the Supreme Court, we create high-quality transcripts. Our aim is to deliver accurate transcripts suitable for use in any industry, with turnarounds that suit you. We achieve this by constantly striving to improve our skills and maintaining excellent quality assurance.

Our offerings include:

  • Legal & Court TranscriptsOur team of professional transcriptionists and stenographers  have extensive experience performing services for courts and legal clients, suitable for arbitrations, pre-trial hearings and more.
  • Medical - Thanks to Spark & Cannon’s experience and discretion, getting great transcript for any medical purpose is now easier than ever before.
  • Interviews & InvestigationsAlong with our other offerings, we have experience providing transcript for all kinds of interviews and investigations. We produce all our transcripts with accuracy and care.
  • Meetings & Conferences - From the smallest gathering, to the biggest event of the year, our transcription services are suitable for you and your business. Contact us to discuss your needs. 
  • Education - No matter whether you’re a student or a faculty member, Spark & Cannon can provide transcript services to anyone in Perth.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking to order transcript, contact our Client Services Team between 8:30am and 5:30pm on 1300 502 819. You can also order or contact us online and we’ll provide an estimate of cost and further details, if you require them.

To physically deliver to our Perth office, please post to:

Level 1
445 Hay Street
Perth, WA
Australia, 6000