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With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Spark & Cannon has become Melbourne’s most trusted team for accurate transcription services, offering a complete range of medical, interview, conference, legal and court transcripts.

Our highly trained team of transcriptionists hold themselves to a very high standard. We provide an unrivalled transcription service with convenient online order options available

When you contact us or make an order, we will provide a helpful estimate of cost. This allows you to make a hassle-free decision, while getting an accurate transcription of your meeting, interview or court hearing.

We retain the best transcriptionists in the industry and work constantly to improve services for our Melbourne clientele.

Tailored Services

Our offerings range from transcript for a conference with a single speaker to the most complex and high-level legal proceedings requiring formal court transcripts. Our commitment is to provide our clients with incredibly accurate transcripts. Our staff are knowledgeable and very experienced at providing transcript for a broad range of industries.

Discover more information:

  • Legal & Court Transcripts - Our experienced team can produce professional court transcripts for the Victorian County Court and all other levels of the legal system in Melbourne.
  • Medical - Manage all your conference, dictation, patient consultation and other transcription needs with Spark & Cannon’s highly accurate service.
  • Interviews & Investigations - Along with our other options, we also offer services for a whole host of investigative and interview purposes. We are experienced at handling confidential requirements such as police or internal investigations.
  • Meetings & Conferences - For any meeting or conference, hearing or seminar, our transcriptionists in Melbourne are always available to help. We can provide the services you need to create a record of your event or meeting.
  • Education - Need transcription of the spoken word at a Melbourne university? We can provide what you need, whether you are a lecturer, student, PhD student or other faculty or administration member.

County Court Options

We offer a host of reliable services suitable for Victorian court transcripts, including hearings from the County Courts, Magistrates’ Court, VCAT and other courts and tribunals. Our transcriptionists cover legal proceedings, private arbitrations, meetings and interviews. We understand the unique requirements each of these hearings demand and we can tailor our services to suit your requirements.

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To order or request an estimate of cost, contact our Client Services Team on 1300 502 819 or contact us online. Alternatively, use our online order form.

You can also deliver order forms to our Melbourne office at :

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