Your Medical Transcriptions Performed with Discretion and Accuracy

Your Medical Transcriptions Performed with Discretion and Accuracy

As a medical professional, do you voice record some or all of your reports? Dictation is often faster and easier than typing up various patient reports, procedures and treatment histories during your busy day. However, this audio can be difficult to search and share, especially if it comes time to refer a patient to a colleague or write up an entry for an archive or medical journal.

With over 50 years of experience and as current service providers to the Professional Services Review and hospitals and medical clinics across the country, you can trust us to provide accurate medical transcriptions. We understand that medical transcriptions usually include complex language and privileged patient information and we are careful to complete them with accuracy and discretion.

Our Medical Transcriptions

Whether you need transcript services for sensitive patient consultations or complex medical hearings, conferences or seminars, Spark & Cannon can provide ethical, accurate and timely medical transcription.

Our staff are highly trained and capable of understanding and reproducing medical terminology from audio to text. These accurate services are suitable for a wide range of medical applications. We can transcribe audio from any of the following:

  • Patient consultations
  • Referrals
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Hearings
  • Professional disciplinary hearings
  • Dictaphones & other voice recorders
  • Dictation notes

Your Medical Audio

You can either upload your own audio (such as from a Dictaphone or other voice recorder) via our online audio portal, or deliver your files physically (by mail or drop-off) to our nearest office. Alternatively, we can record audio for you - especially in the case of seminars or hearings. Our Turnaround

Get your transcript on time, every time. Spark & Cannon’s turnaround options means you can get your transcription performed when you need it:

  • Progressive: Your order is delivered progressively, twice daily. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Same Day: Your order will be delivered by 6pm. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Next Business Day: Your order is delivered the next business day by 6pm, following receipt of the request. The order must be received by 10am.
  • Standard (2-5 days): Your order will be delivered by 6pm, a maximum of five business days following receipt of the request.
  • Delayed (more than 5 days): Your order will be delivered on a non-urgent basis.

Order Handling and Price Estimates *

For a free estimate, please log in to our client order page, which is suitable for both new and returning users. If you are a new user, registration is easy. Simply follow the prompts and enter the relevant details. Estimates will be provided during this process, before order and checkout.

If ordering online is not for you, please feel free to contact our Client Services Team for assistance. Alternatively, download an order form from our website and submit it either by email or facsimile. Once we’ve received this form or discussed your needs with you, we’ll be able to provide a cost estimate and any possible variation to this estimate.

Experience the Difference

When you choose Spark & Cannon for your sensitive medical transcriptions, you can be sure of a commitment to high-quality and uncompromised excellence. Contact us on 1300 502 819 or inquire online to discuss your requirements.

What our clients say:

"The transcript of yesterday was of excellent quality."

"Thank you for that prompt service, never expected that quick."

* Different medical transcription services may attract different pricing. If your requirement is different, we will advise you of the pricing variation before processing your order.