Our Timely Legal Transcription Services

Our Timely Legal Transcription Services

Do you require legal transcription services for proceedings that are time sensitive or confidential in nature? With experience providing legal transcription services to the New South Wales Department of Justice, various levels of the NSW and Victorian legal systems, legal firms and professional associations across Australia, we have the experience and skill to provide you with thorough court transcript services.

Our experience spans working with the NSW Attorney General and the NSW Department of Justice - incorporating the Supreme Court of NSW, the District Court of NSW and the Local Court of NSW - as well as the Department of Justice in Victoria - incorporating the County Court of Victoria, the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

We are committed to high-quality court transcript services no matter what judicial level you need them for, including: tribunals, lower courts, Supreme, District, Local and County Courts. By operating with speed and professionalism, you get excellent turnaround times. We make no compromises when it comes to accuracy and confidentiality.

Our Legal Transcription Services

Our extensively trained team of transcriptionists are available across Australia. We offer practical legal transcript services suitable for any of the following:

  • Court proceedings
  • Arbitrations
  • Pre-trial investigative preparation
  • Depositions
  • Professional disciplinary hearings
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • US Depositions

Our Turnaround – For Real-time and Audio Orders

Whatever your deadline, Spark & Cannon can provide a court transcript service with the turnaround time you need:

  • Progressive: Your order is delivered progressively, twice daily. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Same Day: Your order will be delivered by 6pm. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Next Business Day: Your order is delivered the next business day by 6pm, following receipt of the request. The order must be received by 10am.
  • Standard (2-5 days): Your order will be delivered by 6pm, a maximum of five business days following receipt of the request.
  • Delayed (more than 5 days): Your order will be delivered on a non-urgent basis.

Additionally, when you need a real-time court transcript service, we can provide a court stenographer. Please contact our Client Services Team for more information concerning this specialist service.

What our clients say:

Please thank the team for the prompt delivery of the three-day matter that is in court tomorrow. We greatly appreciate their efforts and thank you for taking the job on at such short notice."

"Just want to thank you for the very prompt and efficient delivery of transcript throughout the trial. I greatly appreciate your efforts."

Your Legal Audio

Your legal transcript will be prepared from either audio digitally recorded by Spark & Cannon or audio pre-recorded and supplied to us. Generally, we can access the audio directly from the court.

To submit pre-recorded audio, please use our straightforward and secure online order process or send or drop the audio into a Spark & Cannon office near you.

Placing an Order, Your Completely Free Estimate *

When you are ready to place an order - or if you simply want to obtain an estimate of the cost - please use our simple online order process. If you’d rather speak to us on the telephone, contact our Client Services Team.

Ordering online is a simple process, with a two minute form to fill out and a secure upload for the audio you require transcribed. Once our Client Services Team receives your order, they will review the details - including any audio provided - and confirm the cost estimate that is auto-generated by our system, along with any potential variation to this price.

Get in Touch with Us

When you need court transcripts or legal transcription services of any kind, please call us on 1300 502 819 or inquire online. We offer client loyalty and volume pricing - in particular, for Victorian County Court transcripts.

* Different legal jurisdictions may attract different pricing. If the pricing for your required jurisdiction is different, we will advise you of the variation prior to processing your legal transcripts order.