High-Quality Investigation and Interview Transcripts

High-Quality Investigation and Interview Transcripts

Interviews and investigations can present unique problems during transcription. You need to be certain your provider can overcome these problems and provide a high-quality interview transcript. Irrespective of whether your audio is a conversation between two people or contains many speakers, Spark & Cannon will transcribe your recording with a very high level of quality and accuracy. This means you receive an interview transcript that reflects what took place during your investigation, hearing or interview.

"The service provided from Spark & Cannon has been faultless."

Businesses, organisations and governmental departments trust the quality of Spark & Cannon’s services. We have more than 50 years’ experience and currently provide interview transcripts to New South Wales Police, Victoria Police, Western Australia Police, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Institute of Family Studies and various private investigation firms. The exacting standards of our transcription services are the reason these organisations have come to rely on us.

Our Investigation & Interview Transcripts

Whether you need transcription of a police matter between a witness and officers, or of a private hearing or investigation, we treat your audio with the utmost discretion. We understand the gravity of keeping this sensitive information private. Our transcription service is confidential and our audio upload process is secure. When you need accurate and confidential transcription services, Spark & Cannon can provide them for your investigative purposes, including:

  • Police proceedings
  • Insurance investigations
  • Hearings & meetings
  • Professional disciplinary hearings
  • Internal investigations
  • Surveillance recordings

Recording Your Audio or Uploading Pre-Recorded Audio

We can professionally record audio for any interview or investigation. If you have pre-recorded audio, this can be sent to us either by uploading it through our website or sent directly to our offices. We understand that pre-recorded audio quality and volume can vary. We have vast experience dealing with audio from many sources and recorded under different circumstances.


"Thanks so much....I really appreciate the quick turnaround."

Our flexible turnaround offerings mean that you can select the timeframe that best suits your interview or investigation deadlines and needs:

  • Progressive: Your order is delivered progressively, twice daily. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Same Day: Your order will be delivered by 6pm. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Next Business Day: Your order is delivered the next business day by 6pm, following receipt of the request. The order must be received by 10am.
  • Standard (2-5 days): Your order will be delivered by 6pm, a maximum of five business days following receipt of the request.
  • Delayed (more than 5 days): Your order will be delivered on a non-urgent basis.

Receive an Estimate, Place an Order *

Clients who want to receive a cost estimate or place an order can use our online order process. If you are not a client already, register today. This process is simple and you’ll get a prompt response.

If you’d prefer to order offline, please contact our Client Services Team directly.

Orders can also be placed via email or facsimile. You can download the relevant order form available from our website after you have logged in. Once our team receives your order, we will review the details - including any audio provided - and will advise of any likely variation to the automated cost estimate before proceeding.

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Contact us by calling our Client Services Team on 1300 502 819. Experience why we have been a trusted name across Australia for over 50 years. Client loyalty and volume pricing is offered.

* Please be advised that different interview transcription services may result in different pricing. If the cost of your order is likely to vary, we will notify you before processing the order.