Practical Education Transcription Services

Practical Education Transcription Services

Whether you need transcription services for ongoing lectures, seminar presentations, academic research interviews or recordings, Spark & Cannon can provide an accurate and rapid service. Our transcription services are useful across all levels and areas of academia. We will quickly transcribe your audio, with an outstanding level of accuracy and care.

With over 50 years of experience in transcription services and digital recording, our attention to detail is second to none. This level of care is currently valued by universities, colleges, international students and PhD students across Australia.

By recording and transcribing your academic and research material, you’ll be able to quickly share and provide greater access to your information. This is invaluable for students with hearing disabilities, students who study remotely or colleagues and research teams who need to collaborate and share their work. Our transcripts are accessible and provided in standard electronic formats, so you get an accurate and perfectly legible solution to your needs.

Suitable for Your Educational Requirements

Our transcription services are relied on by both students and staff in universities and colleges, Australia-wide. We are precise and prompt in completing your order, meaning unequalled results for:

  • Seminar
  • Research group
  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Projects

Deliver to Your Timeframe

Depending on your required timeframe, we can provide a range of turnaround times to suit you:

  • Progressive: Your order is delivered progressively, twice daily. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Same Day: Your order will be delivered by 6pm. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Next Business Day: Your order is delivered the next business day by 6pm, following receipt of the request. The order must be received by 10am.
  • Standard (2-5 days): Your order will be delivered by 6pm, a maximum of five business days following receipt of the request.
  • Delayed (more than 5 days): Your order will be delivered on a non-urgent basis.

Professional Audio Capabilities

Spark & Cannon can produce a professional digital recording of your event, or we can transcribe pre-recorded audio uploaded through our website or sent to one of our offices. To send us audio files online, please create an account on our website and then upload your files via our Online Transcription Service.

Request an Instant Estimate, Place an Order *

To place an order or request an estimate, please use our client portal, available 24/7. We will endeavour to respond promptly. Not a client yet? You can register here. Transcript service orders can also be placed online without a fee estimate.

Upon receipt of your online transcription services order, our team will review the details - including any audio provided - and advise of any cost variations before processing your order.

If you prefer to request our services offline, please contact our Client Services Team.

Timely and Quality Results

When you use Spark & Cannon, you can be sure your transcript order is prepared to the highest standards. Get in touch with us today. Our unique approach means the highest quality. Client loyalty and volume pricing is offered. Please contact our Client Services Team on 1300 502 819 for discounted pricing details.

What our clients say:

"Thanks so much. The quality of transcript has been excellent!"

"A big thank you for the urgency you provided around yesterday's transcript at short notice."

* We advise clients that some education transcription services may attract different pricing. We will advise of any variation before proceeding with your order.