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Court Transcripts Victoria

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Spark and Cannon, a VIQ solutions company, has been producing superior quality Victorian court transcripts for over 50 years. We understand accuracy and on-time delivery are paramount to your success. We are experienced in providing accurately transcribed verbatim documents that meet all compliance requirements for Victorian legal proceedings.

Our range of services include:

  • Same day, progressive transcript delivery with two deliveries per day
  • Delayed transcript delivery with a variety of turnaround options

Our teams take pride in their top-notch work quality and responsiveness.

We are committed to excellence and strive to exceed customer expectations.

We transcribe the following jurisdictions in Victoria:

The need to support a remote work environment is quickly becoming a new norm. We are pleased to also offer our customers transcription services for hearings held via web conferencing platforms including Zoom, MS Teams, Go-To-Meeting and Webex.

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