Court Transcript in Victoria

Reliable Court & County Court Transcripts

Are you in Victoria and need same day or delayed transcription for court transcripts or County Court transcripts? Do you have legal proceedings or events requiring a professional, accurate and discreet transcription service? For spoken word court transcripts, you need an experienced and precise transcription service provider.

As a leader in the Australian court reporting industry, Spark & Cannon bring a depth of knowledge and extensive experience to all our transcription services. We are fully capable of providing digital recording and transcription services for all manner of legal proceedings, private arbitrations, meetings and interviews Australia-wide.

Our Court Transcripts

Our services are available for a range of legal proceedings and we can provide court transcripts for various levels of legal hearings, including:

  • County Court - Transcripts include a daily running report of civil proceedings. For private arbitrations heard by Victoria’s County Court, transcripts can be provided either as a running or real-time service.
  • Magistrates’ Court - We offer delayed transcripts for matters heard in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, including suburban Melbourne and country locations. The Magistrates’ Court can provide digital recordings to parties on request. These can be forwarded to us for precise and confidential transcription.
  • VCAT (Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) –  Using recordings supplied by VCAT, Spark & Cannon can perform transcription after you have completed and submitted the VCAT release form. A running record may also be provided for VCAT hearings on the condition the VCAT member hearing the matter grants permission, allowing us to attend and produce a recording of the hearing.

Transcriptions with the Turnaround You Need

We have a range of services available depending on your requirements, situation and budget. Our professional and precise court transcript turnaround offers include:

  • Progressive  – Delivery twice daily, after lunch and by 6pm, on the day of the hearing
  • Same Day –  Delivery by 6pm on the day of the hearing.
  • Next Business Day –  Delivery within 48 hours
  • Standard –  Delivery between 2 to 5 business days
  • Delayed –  5+ business days

Get in Touch

If you’re in Victoria and need a legal or County Court transcript, contact our Client Services Team on 1300 502 819. We are fully experienced in providing transcription services that comply with the requirements of legal proceedings.