Professional Conference and Meeting Transcriptions

Professional Conference and Meeting Transcriptions

Multi-speaker meeting transcriptions require special attention to detail to ensure their accuracy. In many cases, organisations may wish to retain recordings and transcript of conferences, seminars and focus group discussions. An accurate meeting transcription can help ensure that vital discussion points are not forgotten and that non-attending colleagues or stakeholders have access to a record of events.

When you need to record and preserve speeches or presentations delivered at conferences and other corporate events for archives or distribution and training, you need Spark & Cannon’s highly professional transcript services. We can both transcribe audio for a vast array of events and also provide digital recording services to capture your audio. Our focus is always on ensuring that your transcript accurately represents your spoken words.

Transcription for Conferences and More

Whatever your industry, Spark & Cannon can provide a meeting transcription for your needs. We have over 50 years of experience providing both digital recording and transcription services for major corporations’ meetings and conferences. This means you receive a meticulous meeting transcription created with our signature commitment and speed. Our services are perfect for:

  • Conferences
  • Annual general meetings
  • Boardroom meetings
  • Seminars
  • Research groups
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Professional disciplinary hearings
  • Public forums

Turnaround Times to Suit Your Needs

Spark & Cannon has turnaround times available to suit your deadlines. If you have a meeting transcription that needs to be shared or made available promptly - such as after holding a corporate conference or AGM - we can accommodate you.

  • Progressive: Your order is delivered progressively, twice daily. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Same Day: Your order will be delivered by 6pm. The request must be received by 4pm, the business day prior.
  • Next Business Day: Your order is delivered the next business day by 6pm, following receipt of the request. The order must be received by 10am.
  • Standard (2-5 days): Your order will be delivered by 6pm, a maximum of five business days following receipt of the request.
  • Delayed (more than 5 days): Your order will be delivered on a non-urgent basis.

Your Conference Audio

How your conference or other discussion is recorded should be an important consideration for you. Spark & Cannon offers a professional, digital audio recording services. Your audio can be transcribed either during or after recording, depending on your need.

We also transcribe pre-recorded audio files, should you have these. Pre-recorded files can be uploaded electronically through the customer login area of our website or delivered directly to one of our offices.

Order Placement and Cost Estimate *

You can easily and conveniently request online transcription services and obtain cost estimates by creating a client account on our website and logging in. Signing up and logging in is a straightforward process. If you are not already a client, don’t worry: you can register here.

You can also place an order by contacting our Client Services Team. We also accept fax and email order submissions through the relevant order form available from our website once you are logged in.

Upon receipt of your order, our Client Services Team will review all the details - including any audio provided - and will advise you of any possible variation to the cost estimate.

Get in Touch with Us

Contact Spark & Cannon and experience how our commitment to excellence establishes us as the premier online transcription services company. Please contact our Client Services Team on 1300 502 819 for volume and loyalty pricing details.

What our clients say:

"Can I thank you for your great service as always."

"Many thanks to all the team at Spark & Cannon for being able to get running transcript done with so little notice."